I found out that i will not be here for eigth grade because im going to florida. I really dont want to go because i want to experience prom in New York and my sweet sixteen is going to take place in Florida and not here. My sister is always tells me that she didnt get to finish middle school in Florida and she had to come here so she says i should stop complaining because i can hopefully have new friends there like i have here. All i have is one more year of middle school and im going to be taken out. I guess the posiive to moving to Florida is that i can get a motorcyle but first get my licencse
Happy happy happy Valintines Day. I love you One World Middle School. xoxoxo
I am happy to say that i am in One World Middle School and to have Ms. Wynne as my principal it has been a honor. I am thankful for everything that has happened to me. We started off as a new school and getting to know eachother now we have all these activities happening here and it wouldnt be if it wasnt for our wonderful teachers. I know we are deffinitely  thankful for everything and especially since hurricane sandy things have been rough but right now our minds are on those victims and celebrating the best of friends and family

Im In school on school spirit day. Im only here because either my permission slip got lost or i did not turn it in. they say its not my fault that im going. Recently we went to a theater and kids were being loud or verry disrespectful during the performance. i was not one of those students so i would have been able to go. those who were stood because thry had to. I hope so bad that i will be able to go for the next school spirit day.
Why do we choose to bully on people? that shouldnt even have an answer. Not many people realize what they say or do can hurt people. I have witnessed bullying and i sware bit hurts. Students get  picked o n cause they stutter,they are very short,or even nerdy. sometimes i wish i can walk up to the person and point out things about them but that would just make me the meaner person for doing what a bully would do. I met a guy at a fundraiser and we talked about bullies. He told me his story of when he was younger and he was always bullied. He goes to a church were everyone can feel safe and has been where he has been. He also told me that if it is possible he would like to talk about bullies at my school. His name is Steve and i think it would be great for him to share his story with us. This is a bully free zone so stop it
I am so happy to have our new sixth graders with us. So many great things will come along for them . W have Ms.Toni planning our Holiday Hills trip for us at the end of the year for whoever has perfect attendance. All that we have bto do as sixth and seventh graders is work hard and play hard at the end it will be the greatest ever because you get to say that you worked at 212 degrees and we will have all these teachers cheering us on. When I say One World you say 212!!!
So far so great. We are working so hard to put on a great show for everyone at One World Middle School. We practice on Mondays and Thursdays every week and all of it is worth it. I hope your ready guys. Lets get our creep on and show them what we got.
Testing Day is show off days. this means that we show eveything we have and everything we learned. There is only 2 more school days left. So i thank Ms.Middleton, Mis.Fueller, Ms.toni, and i would also love to thank Ms.Wynne for teaching me how to understand and have fun reading so hear me out i wish you guys the best of luck. This Is How We Do It At One World!!!! 
Im excited to start a new beginning on performing at 212!!! I love understanding people and their issues and this is a great way to start something new. Im on the run for reaching for the stars and i want all of you to join me some come along and you will have fun.