I found out that i will not be here for eigth grade because im going to florida. I really dont want to go because i want to experience prom in New York and my sweet sixteen is going to take place in Florida and not here. My sister is always tells me that she didnt get to finish middle school in Florida and she had to come here so she says i should stop complaining because i can hopefully have new friends there like i have here. All i have is one more year of middle school and im going to be taken out. I guess the posiive to moving to Florida is that i can get a motorcyle but first get my licencse
6/7/2013 03:04:54 am

why are you on this corny website like FOH

suger plum
7/3/2013 01:50:26 am

nobody will care about this it is just madness so stop it!!!!


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