Why do we choose to bully on people? that shouldnt even have an answer. Not many people realize what they say or do can hurt people. I have witnessed bullying and i sware bit hurts. Students get  picked o n cause they stutter,they are very short,or even nerdy. sometimes i wish i can walk up to the person and point out things about them but that would just make me the meaner person for doing what a bully would do. I met a guy at a fundraiser and we talked about bullies. He told me his story of when he was younger and he was always bullied. He goes to a church were everyone can feel safe and has been where he has been. He also told me that if it is possible he would like to talk about bullies at my school. His name is Steve and i think it would be great for him to share his story with us. This is a bully free zone so stop it

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